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Aragorn the reluctant and faintly embarrassed best man at Legolas and Gimli’s wedding.

Aragorn with his face in his hands as they get their serious mack on after the culturally-appropriate “you man now kiss the husband” bit, mumbling to himself in shell-shocked terror “the things I saw on the road…”

Gimli and Legolas participating in an epic cake-eating competition while Aragorn passes out back-up cake for the guests and explains: “I expected this.”

Aragorn having to give a best man speech for both Legolas and Gimli. Both sides of the family arguing loudly over which speech should be given first. The Elves eventually agree to go last because they have greater patience than the short-lived dwarves. The dwarves take grievous insult to this. Aragorn trying to explain how Legolas was like a brother to him and Gimli is a fine warrior. Aragorn being unable to get through either speech thanks to Legolas and Gimli loudly heckling each other’s speeches.

A couple dishonored dead ghosts show up just to see this most insane and greatest party ever thrown. Aragorn standing to the side of the dance floor while the dishonored dead try to lasso him in to dance with them. “You are free. I released you. Please. Go. Go now.”

Aragorn with his head on the table while Eowyn and Faramir giggle in a corner together and be super lovey-dovey at the wedding. Aragorn getting a headache from all the hitting himself in the face when Eowyn catches the bouquet (Gimli threw it) because she SLIDE TACKLED another female guest to get it and most of the lady guests new better than to challenge of shieldmaiden of Rohan for the damn bouquet anyway. Aragorn having to console a drunk Faramir that Boromir would have loved Eowyn, he would have, and yes, he was the best big brother in the world, I agree.

Aragorn having to carry a drunk off his ASS Gandalf back to his damn room while Gandalf might be hitting on him???? “You’re looking pretty Gandalf the Green, old friend, why don’t we just get you to your bed.” “Get me to YOUR bed, heir of Isildur! Hellah.” “By the bane of Isildur, nO.”

Aragorn staring mournfully at a pile of drunken hobbits writhing on the dance floor doing God knows what. It might be dancing. At least three of them are kind of cousins, please let it be dancing. 

Aragorn sliding down to the ground as they send Legolas and Gimli off on their honeymoon, Gimli carrying Legolas (very slowly) in his arms into their bedroom while the two shout the lewdest things imaginable over their shoulders as a preemptive play-by-play of the upcoming night for their wedding guests.

Aragorn the saddest best man ever, is what I’m saying.



yeah ok but different b5 characters piloting jaegers ok?


susan and talia

sinclair and garibaldi

garibaldi and g’kar

delenn and sheridan

sheridan and ivanova

vir and londo

franklin and marcus

londo and g’kar

vir and lennier


I haven’t even seen Pacific Rim (I know, I will do penance later) and I would pay good money (figuratively speaking anyway *g*) to see the Sinclair/Garibaldi one. <3

I think the Vir and Londo one would probably end very very badly to be honest. Vir and Lennier cooould work maybe, better chance of it. Sinclair and Garibaldi though? YES. Sheridan and Ivanova? YES.

Just, those two are the big stand out ‘would work and be epic’ ones for me, they aren’t romantic pairings but long time good friends who get each other. And it’s the getting each other and being able to act on equal terms when needed that is important which is true for them even with the different ranks. 

Yup, loved that bit. And those two also just…. Gimli and Legolas, what not to love?

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friendly reminder that when the actor who played khal drogo met the actress who plays daenerys he shouted “WIFEY!” and tackled her

Also reminder that during one of the sex scenes they were supposed to film, he came on with a sock puppet on his dick and Emilia Clarke was laughing so hard they had to take a ten minute break. 

​My life is
INFINITELY better knowing those tidbits of information

at the Q&A panel I went to with him he said before every sex scene with her he would go “I’M SORRY I’M SORRY I’M SORRY I’M SORRY” before getting into character and going at it

these two are everything

these two pls


Also a friendly reminder that in the actual ASoIaF books, Khal Drogo and Daenerys Targaryen were legitimately in love and had a completely consensual and loving relationship.

I’d like to be treated exactly like this please and thank you.

Also, I attended an expo a little under a year ago that Jason Momoa (Khal Drogo) was at. He was shopping around at all the stalls, wearing a chewbacca sweater. And I caught him numerous times sneaking up on people and making chewbacca sounds to startle them

I was at what must have been one of his earliest conventions if not his first right when he’d first started Stargate Atlantis. Guy was so nervous and by the end of the night they had to drag him away from meet and greet tables after he’d gotten used to the people on the table by moving his beer.  

And that night in the disco he’d sit at the bar chatting to a few people. 

Got rather confused by the Time Warp from what I recall. 

Just, he seems like a good guy. Bigger in real life than he is on screen but man has a big softie side. 


Ace flag blanket! I started this blanket August 6th, and finally finished it today. It was four rows of fifteen V-stitches for a total of sixty rows. I’m not sure how long each row was but the initial chain stitch was at least two hundred stitches long. The dimensions are appx. 6 ft by 4 ft.

Each row took around a half hour so the total time was around 30 hours.

I’m not entirely pleased with it since I ran out of purple yarn and had to buy more. The purple wasn’t the exact same color and while you can’t tell in these photos, it’s obvious in others. In person it isn’t immediately obvious but it still bothers me.

If there’s any interest, I may sell it, but it’s going to be pretty expensive for a blanket since it took so long to make.

Don’t want to buy it (too many blankets already) but it is AWESOME.


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My cousin, TALLON, was reported MISSING today. He is an AUTISTIC BLACK TEEN AND IS COMPLETEY NON-VERBAL. HE DOES NOT RESPOND TO HIS NAME. This young man went out for his daily bike ride, unattended, and did not come back. Tonight, HE IS IN LA BY HIMSELF. He is 6’0, 200lbs, and was last seen wearing a white t shirt and khaki shorts. PLEASE SIGNAL BOOST!!

UPDATE (10/19/14 10:37 PM) I typed this very quickly and realized that I had misread the poster, he DOES RESPOND TO HIS NAME. I apologize for my mistake, but please continue to reblog this because the situation is just as scary!!!




My cousin, TALLON, was reported MISSING today. He is an AUTISTIC BLACK TEEN AND IS COMPLETEY NON-VERBAL. HE DOES NOT RESPOND TO HIS NAME. This young man went out for his daily bike ride, unattended, and did not come back. Tonight, HE IS IN LA BY HIMSELF. He is 6’0, 200lbs, and was last seen wearing a white t shirt and khaki shorts. PLEASE SIGNAL BOOST!!

UPDATE (10/19/14 10:37 PM) I typed this very quickly and realized that I had misread the poster, he DOES RESPOND TO HIS NAME. I apologize for my mistake, but please continue to reblog this because the situation is just as scary!!!

Alan Alda: 'If We Could Eradicate Polio, Why Can't We Eradicate Misogyny?'



Alan Alda talking about misogyny and nailing it

This man — who is the most wonderful amazing human being on the planet, by the way — skirted very close to dropping some serious fucking knowledge in this video, and I don’t know why he didn’t do it, but I’m going to:

In 1943, when he was seven years old, Alan Alda contracted polio. At the time, the standard treatment for the disease was to immobilize one’s limbs by strapping them to planks, to prevent muscle contractions and deformity. The splints had the unfortunate side effect, however, of causing muscle atrophy due to lack of use. So Alan’s parents instead decided to subject him to a new (and admittedly painful) treatment that had been developed by a nurse named Sister Elizabeth Kenny: extremely hot woolen blankets applied to the limbs, accompanied by a regiment of muscle-stretching.

Sister Elizabeth’s treatment was basically the exact opposite of what the medical establishment (all men at the time, obvs) recommended. And that establishment — when they acknowledged her technique at all — referred to it as a “grievous error and fraught with grave danger.”

But those doctors who were skeptical of her technique had their minds changed when they actually deigned to observe the results in patients. Wow, that’s so odd: it’s almost as if they discounted Sister Kenny’s methods without knowing anything about them save that the person who developed them was a woman. Hmm.

Alan Alda attributes not only his full recovery from polio to her treatment, but also his being a feminist — because, as he mentioned in the video, a deadly disease that he contracted was successfully combated because men and women were working to fight it.



As I’m walking through Target with my little sister, the kid somehow manages to convince me to take a trip down the doll aisle. I know the type - brands that preach diversity through displays of nine different variations of white and maybe a black girl if you’re lucky enough. What I instead found as soon as I turned into the aisle were these two boxes.

The girl on the left is Shola, an Afghani girl from Kabul with war-torn eyes. Her biography on the inside flap tells us that “her country has been at war since before she was born”, and all she has left of her family is her older sister. They’re part of a circus, the one source of light in their lives, and they read the Qur’an. She wears a hijab.

The girl on the right is Nahji, a ten-year-old Indian girl from Assam, where “young girls are forced to work and get married at a very early age”. Nahji is smart, admirable, extremely studious. She teaches her fellow girls to believe in themselves. In the left side of her nose, as tradition mandates, she has a piercing. On her right hand is a henna tattoo.

As a Pakistani girl growing up in post-9/11 America, this is so important to me. The closest thing we had to these back in my day were “customizable” American Girl dolls, who were very strictly white or black. My eyes are green, my hair was black, and my skin is brown, and I couldn’t find my reflection in any of those girls. Yet I settled, just like I settled for the terrorist jokes boys would throw at me, like I settled for the butchered pronunciations of names of mine and my friends’ countries. I settled for a white doll, who at least had my eyes if nothing else, and I named her Rabeea and loved her. But I still couldn’t completely connect to her.

My little sister, who had been the one to push me down the aisle in the first place, stopped to stare with me at the girls. And then the words, “Maybe they can be my American Girls,” slipped out of her mouth. This young girl, barely represented in today’s society, finally found a doll that looks like her, that wears the weird headscarf that her grandma does and still manages to look beautiful.

I turned the dolls’ boxes around and snapped a picture of the back of Nahji’s. There are more that I didn’t see in the store; a Belarusian, an Ethiopian, a Brazilian, a Laotian, a Native American, a Mexican. And more.

These are Hearts 4 Hearts dolls, and while they haven’t yet reached all parts of the world (I think they have yet to come out with an East Asian girl), they need all the support they can get so we can have a beautiful doll for every beautiful young girl, so we can give them what our generation never had.

Please don’t let this die. If you know a young girl, get her one. I know I’m buying Shola and Nahji for my little sister’s next birthday, because she needs a doll with beautiful brown skin like hers, a doll who wears a hijab like our older sister, a doll who wears real henna, not the blue shit white girls get at the beach.

The Hearts 4 Hearts girls are so important. Don’t overlook them. Don’t underestimate them. These can be the future if we let them.

You can read more about the dolls here:

I have seen these dolls in the stores and I think they’re fantastic. And if I had the money, I would buy one of each to show the company that YES, they should KEEP MAKING THESE, but I don’t, so instead I’m signal boosting.



My lovely friends and I did a thing.

I love that this is happening.


Never Forget

I remember phones like these being so flash and modern and so on. This is back when the goal was to get the phone as small as possible rather than as big whilst remaining slick as possible like it is now.

Anybody else remember watching The Matrix and thinking Neo’s phone was all cool and futuristic? I wanted a phone like his even though I had no use for one and was holding out for what smartphones were and became when they arrived on the scene. Looking at Neo’s phone now and it’s like a bit of a museum display.

Oh phones.

Also, it just occurred to me, The Matrix is older than some of the people on this site and there’s even more on here who don’t remember going ‘OMG WOW’ (not in that phrasing though) at bullet time and how everyone and their pet turtle went and copied it.


So, watching Suits still. And onto the screen pops Gina Torres in a figure hugging white dress and my mind just went to Wash’s funeral in Serenity.

Damnit. It’s been years and her character in this isn’t a thing like Zoe but head just went to Wash and feels.

Damn you Joss!


There’s thousands of notes on posts about how unfair it is that there isn’t a wonder woman movie and now that its been officially announced nobody is talking about it?

Like Can I get at least a hell yeah?

I don’t like the woman who is playing her but I’m glad she’s getting a movie. I still think it should be Gina Torres.

Oh, and Lucy Laweless should get a cameo for laugh cause, y’know, Xena, makes sense in my head.

Glad the movie is being made. Maybe this will push Marvel into giving Black Widow one, or Captain Marvel?


I finally did it! After 4 attempts I’ve finally made my first proper vlog :D

I answer some of the most common questions that I’ve had from you guys and talk about being on The Graham Norton Show. If you want me to answer your question then don’t forget to post it in the comments :)

Is that a Brizzle accent I hear? Gert lush. Sad that they didn’t so much have a monitor in the chair room so you could see what was going on, always thought it’d be like a teleconference thing.





Reasons I love Megan Denise Fox.

Because if I don’t stand up for her, who will? Okay, I can name about 6 people that will, but we’re small voices that can’t do anything. But I’m not gonna stop standing up for her. Even if the media refuses to NOT take Michael’s side.
You don’t have to be a fan of Megan Fox to acknowledge the injustice Megan suffered on the set of Transformers from Michael Bay and his “loyal” crew. When Megan’s comment on Michael Bay came out, everyone sided with Michael Bay, calling Megan a “brat” or “ungrateful” and saying she should have kept her mouth shut. These are grown ass men and they couldn’t shrug off a comment from a 23 year old woman. This Behind the Scene clip is just a glimpse and I cannot even imagine what ended up on the cutting room floor. Detailed bullet point of their relationship throughout the years. (stops after Jonah Hex) [x]
Michael made Megan model wardrobe options (short shorts and belly tops) in front of a room full of men, made her audition by washing his car in a bikini while he filmed it (of which Michael Bay hasn’t denied) And while the disgusting 3 quarters of the planet will side with Michael saying Megan’s a “whore” and “agreed to it anyways” or “asked for it”, do not know her side of the story. Megan’s wanted to act for her entire life stemming from Judy Garland and Marilyn Monroe.Day in and day out for both Transformers movies, Megan had this tyrant barking orders at her about bending over the car, arch her back and dictating what she wore and even naming her character after himself. Michael Bay is disgusting. I don’t care what Megan says about him now, it doesn’t excuse how he treated her and dragged her name through the mud. Megan’s been on 12 movies so far and has only had ONE crew complain about her. But to this day, people BELIEVE she’s the bad one to work with. That’s the power of this piece of shit, Michael Bay.

bring awareness to this



Didn’t know there was a thing going on here but that is disgusting on Bay’s part. 

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